Q: Are brown eggs healthier than white eggs?

A: One would think brown eggs are healthier than white eggs, right? After all brown rice is supposedly better for you than white rice. And wheat bread is healthier than white bread. Makes you think that brown eggs are more natural and white eggs have been refined, doesn’t it?

Bottom line - the egg shell color has NOTHING to do with the quality or healthiness of the egg. The egg shell color is purely dictated by the breed of the chicken. Some chickens lay white eggs, some lay brown. Some even lay light green and blue eggs.

Our egg layers are a mix of Barred Plymouth Rocks and Rhode Island Reds. They lay large eggs in various shades of brown.

So what makes an egg healthier if it isn’t the color of the shell? We argue that chickens that are pasture raised with access to grass, bugs, and fresh air in addition to their grain diet are healthier compared to their caged counterparts. But more on the difference between cage-free and all the other confusing labels another time!