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Hamblin Hills Farm
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Hamblin Hills Farm

It all started with some backyard chickens…

We love to cook. Well let me re-phrase – we love to eat good food, thus we share a passion for cooking. Ever since high school, we’ve prided ourselves on cooking amazing meals for family and friends – making everything from scratch wherever we can. At some point we started caring not just about the meal itself, but how were the ingredients raised and sourced. Was it grown humanely and sustainably? Was it trucked across the country? Or even brought in from other countries? Suddenly, “fresh” took on new meaning for us.

Back in 2013, a few co-workers told me about their backyard chickens. Confused that one could even own chickens in the city, I was curious and listened. Interested in having a source of food in our own backyard, they convinced me it was easy and that if nothing else, chickens were entertaining pets. However, nobody warns you that chickens are a gateway drug. After having fresh eggs every day for a few years, we wanted more. We wanted to raise everything ourselves that we were buying at the store. Chickens for meat, cows, pigs, goats, bees… And as we learned more about our food industry, we became even more passionate about growing the food we were eating.

When we finally came to the realization that we weren’t going to be able to make the farm of our dreams happen on a quarter acre in the middle of Tampa, we made the biggest decision of our lives and decided to sell our house of 12 years in search of land. Less than a year later we found 10 acres in Parrish, FL that we now call home and where Hamblin Hills Farm was born.

Green Eggs and Ham

hamblin hills farm green eggs hamThis is one of my go-to breakfasts both on the weekend and during the week because it’s so quick to make and looks way fancier than the effort it takes. You can tweak the below ingredients to your liking – sometimes I’ll add sliced tomato or avocado. Whatever you do, don’t skip the garlic! It’s key!

Our Values

  • We raise our animals on pasture. Unlike Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), our animals are free to roam and graze the land.
  • We source all our inputs locally whenever possible including the animals themselves and their feed.
  • We believe in eating or using every part of the animal whenever possible. Each animal was slaughtered at the expense of our nutrition therefore we feel any waste is irresponsible.
  • We want to educate people about their food – where it comes from and how to cook with it.
  • We won’t confuse you with meaningless labels. We are transparent about our farming practices.